Tuesday, 10 February 2009


simone de klerk

What a wonderful thing to do, Janet! I will email you, to be able to contribute to a teeny tiny support. Take very good care and I hope all is over very quick!


Janet...I have been so worried about you. We are collecting and making quilts at the shop in readiness to send to affected areas in Victoria. I have also put up a Fire Fund Appeal page to raise $ for the CFA. All proceeds from the sale of these patterns will be sent direct to CFA. We want all of the $ to be spent on the people who need it; not the adminstrative side of things. Everyone can help with the administration, the special ones can fight fires and we need to do absolutely everything to help them.

I am so glad that you, the Farmer, and Jessica are safe from what can only be imagined.

Take care my friend.



Janet, as a local i know all too well where you are coming from. The CFA do an unbelievable job as do all the other volunteers. I know Karen @ Mrs Martin's in Monbulk is setting up as a go between for people wanting to donate quilts or quilt blocks and she is trying to arrange to get them to where they need to go. Maybe you could link up with her? Stay safe and our thoughts are with all.


beautiful idea janet!!
now to decide which one i'd like to buy?
also great idea re sending 2 emails to split up cc numbers.
i'll be in touch.
julie :)

Riches Stitches

What a wonderful way to help out. It is easy to feel helpless in a situation like this, so thank you for providing a way in which we can help out. I have email you with a purchase.
Jane 8o)


From the United States, we send our prayers to all of you. We know how terrible and devastating fires can be. Please take all precautions necessary and remember that your life is priceless. Things can be replaced.
Blessings, Margi
Janet I will email you with a purchase what a wonderful thing to do...Thank You

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