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Sunday, 22 May 2011



Hootie - I love foxes! Thanks for the chance and great giveaway!


Hootie. I used to collect mice but now it's recipes. Good thing I can just bookmark them as I seldom make any of them!


I collect fabrics, or so my husband says! Ah!


Hootie I love to collect books. unfortunately i have run out of bookshelf space!


Hootie! Hootie! thanks for the lovely giveaway! I love to collect old picture frames and thimbles. thanks~!


Hootie birthday to me!
Thanks for a great giveaway!


Hootie! How fun! I like to collect Flower Frogs! jinglesells at gmail dot com

Shelley C

Hootie Hoot! from Maine! I like the renewed focus of owls...these have been such a cute addition to the crafting world. :)

I am a collector a hoarder a 'I can't throw this out I may need it someday' person. I use to collect many things, but now as I age I'm giving up collecting...gotta simplify before I die :P

I did collect snowmen, cows, angels, nutcrackers and sterling silver charms. I'm hoping to pass these collections on to the kids eventually.

Meat grinders?? Now that is original! We use meat grinders here for our home grown beef...I'd be curious to see how different they can be....I'll have to check our your archives and see if there are any links and photos....


Hootie's a cutie.
I love my collection of buttons. When my kids were little and now the grand kids like to sort through them too. It's a favourite activity when visiting Grandma.

Erin Hutchinson

HOOTIE - I can tell I'm not the only one who collects fabric! I also collect quilt fiction. I scour book websites to find obscure titles of books that have something/anything to do with quilts and buy them up. Some, I don't even like, but I do like having a quilt fiction library to go along with my quilt addiction!


Hooties are one of my favourite animals on fabric. But I´m not collectig hooties, but fabrics, lol.


Hootie is cute-I collect fabric and sewing notions from the past!

Erin B.

Hootie seems to be saying he would find a good home in the Frozen Tundra (promise to keep him warm!)

I collect books. I don't know that I will ever be able to use an e-reader. But man oh man does it suck to move! hee hee!



fabric, I have a serious weakness...actually "art supplies" would be more honest! :P

RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com


Very cute! Great to see you "back in the saddle" again with these kits (I'll have to see if Jane at TPA will be stocking the new ones!) I collect dust, mess, chaos, anything old, blue jugs, mismatched china, teddy bears, embroidered linen, old cotton reels, and way too much crafty paraphanalia!


Hootie is sooo cute! I have a collection of tins. Old cracker tins, tea tins, cookie tins, it goes on an on. Many are packed away but I don't want to get rid if them, they remind me of my grandparents who started me on the collecting.

Margaret  Paternoster

Hootie is just a fantastic Cuutie I know he will be loved by all my customers - can't wait to get my supply so I can share with my customers. Margaret - Patch 'n' Paint for Pleasure Narrogin Western Australia

Debbie Guihot

Hootie lives on my clothes line in the backyard love him lots. I collect vintage overcoats, prefer purple ones.

Joyce Mosby

Hootie, I love it. We are a big fan of owls here.
I collect cookie cutters and salt shakers. {Probably appropriate since I have taught cooking since 1972)

Sharon Hood

Hootie- My mom used to collect owls. I like to collect fabric- all kinds!


LOVE Hootie. What an adorable projec.


hootie! This is so fun! I love to collect tea pots! I dont have very many of them, but i drool over them in the stores. I am trying to clear my shelves so i can order a few gems i found on etsy.....


Hootie He's just to cute thanks for the chance I'll be back to visit again


Hootie.... ;-) Or Uhu... from Norway ...
I collect a lot of items but mostly fabrics it seems :-) I'm a big fan of old Debbie Mumm fabrics and have atlast manage to start use them in quilts:-) one thing else witch I collect are thimbles. They are sooo cute..
Have a great day.
Hugs from Laila

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